These are the top 10 reasons why your church should attend a How to Connect or How to Connect: Deeper Dive event

1. Your church came to the first round of these workshops, and wants to DIVE DEEPER in the second level class.

2. You think maybe your church doesn’t have the gifts or skills necessary to move toward your mission field, but you’d like to be proven wrong.

3. Your potlucks need an infusion of new blood! Pass the Naan bread and kimshi please!

4. Your congregation no longer looks like the neighborhoods that surround the church. And your people are driving in from further and further away for church.

5. You’ve got a totally cool and awesome ________________ (worship service, youth program, preschool, mission project) and you want the community to know about it!

6. You look around your congregation and its not getting bigger. Or its getting smaller. Even almost disappearing.

7. Your church seems ready to actually do the “CHANGE” thing, and move outwards toward the surrounding neighborhoods in friendship and relationships.

8. Children? Youth? We haven’t seen many of them for a while…

9. You and your congregation are wondering – is there anybody out there? What are they like? What kinds of things could we do to meet them?

10. Our District is providing us with cutting edge, Northern Virginia contextual programs that actually help us meet our mission to make disciples for the transformation of the world? Count us in!

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How to Connect: The Basics — Saturday, March 4

How to Connect: Deeper Dive — Saturday, April 29