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Clergy Transitions Workshop Resources (three formats)

Presentation in PowerPoint format (pptx) or

Presentation in old PowerPoint format (1997-2003) or

Presentation in PDF format

Resources for Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committees (SPPRC), are available at the Virginia Conference website, as follows:

Section 1: Overview for the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective P/SPRCs (pdf)
Covenant of Leadership
Duties of the S/PPRC from the Book of Discipline (Word)
Expectations of Pastoral Leadership (pdf)
Guide for Deacons (pdf)
SPRC Committee Training Workbook (pdf)
SPRC Training, Power Point Presentation

Section 2: Personnel Issues
Chart on Pastor/Staff Salaries (Word)
Continuing Education, Study Leave, and Sabbaticals (Word)
Employment Agreement: Deacon (Word)
Employment Agreement: Lay Staff (Word)
Duties of the Pastor from the Discipline (Word)
General Church Personnel Guidelines (GCFA Web site)
Guidelines for Continuing Education (Word)
Job Description Samples
Sample Personnel Policies (Word)
Salary Policy (Word)
Self-care Covenant (Word)
Virginia Conference Sexual Ethics Policy (Word)
Sample Local Church Sexual Ethics Policy (Word)
Sexual Ethics Resources and Information (Word)
Vacation Policy (Word)
What Does the Discipline Say About Nonappointed Church Staff? (Word)

Section 3: Parsonage Issues
Clergy Housing Guidelines (Word)
Guidelines for Moving Expenses (Word)
Minimum Standards for the Parsonage (Word)
Policy at the Time of Change of Pastors (Word)

Section 4: Appointment Issues
Appointment Review for Pastors (Word)
Associate Pastor Process (Word)
Church Profile Instructions for Appointment Process (Word)
Church and Community Profile Information (Word)
Deacon Appointment Request Form (pdf)
Joint Pastor-SPRC Appointment Preference Form (Word)
Pastoral Transition Guidelines (pdf)

Section 5: Annual Evaluation
Annual Evaluation for Clergy and Staff, Virginia Conference (Word)
Characteristics of Effective Clergy (Word)

Sample lay staff evaluation