A once in a lifetime chance… April 3 and 4, 2018

The National Council of Churches Rally to End Racism

We are sending a group to this Rally immediately after Easter. Here’s why:

In South Africa after apartheid, and in dozens of other places since, the victims and perpetrators of race-based crime and discrimination were given a chance to be honest with one another, and reconcile.

The United States has never tried this.  And neither has the church in America.

This Rally to End Racism is being offered by the National Council of Churches: 38 different denominations including United Methodists, African Methodist Episcopal, and the Orthodox Church in America. They’re being joined by  Roman Catholics, the National African American Clergy network, as well as other faith-based groups from an incredibly wide array of traditions. This is huge.

The Rally is intended to begin a process, initiated by disciples of Jesus Christ, to finish the work of racial reconciliation and healing begun by the Spirit of God and carried on in the abolitionist movement, civil rights movement, and beyond.

Your attendance on this pilgrimage offers you a chance to…

  • Miss a day of school or work!

  • Spend time with thousands of other Christians

  • See for yourself some of what God is doing to heal our church and country from the sin of racism.

  • Experience worship outside of our tradition.

  • Journey with Methodists from other churches.

  • Spend time in pilgrimage with an inter-generational, inter-racial group of youth and adults.


  • Tuesday April 3, depart for DC.

    • 6pm Attend opening worship at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox church (in the Orthodox style!)

    • Afterwards Eat Dinner together as a group

    • Maybe attend a late showing of Black Panther together as a group (we hope)

    • Reflect together as a group in preparation for Wednesday

    • Spend the night at a church in DC (with bunk beds and showers), between $40 and $80 depending on how many come.

  • Wednesday April 4, attend Rally on the National Mall: 7am-3pm

    • Why April 4? It’s the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Hear speakers and musicians from around the country

    • Visit our own United Methodist Church tent on the Mall!

    • Eat and reflect together

    • Return home to meet up at a later date for more reflection and action.


E-mail Rev. Drew VanDyke Colby – pastordrew@ststephensfairfax.org