God places us where He needs us.
Where has God placed you?
What has He given you to do?
Who has He placed in your life to care for in His name?
All that we are, all that we have, all that we are called to do is because of Him. We are His, His children, His agents to show His grace, mercy, and love for humanity, one person and one situation at a time. In this work, each of us has our part to do. All of this is given to us by His grace. Live in the awareness of God’s grace today. Let His grace shine through You to others. (from “Lead Like Jesus” daily devotional)

Where has God placed you? What needs have you been called to attend to? It may well be in your local church, or it might be in serving our Alexandria District (or both)! It may also have to do with our Rising Hope capital campaign – “Accept the Challenge – Rise Up – Rebuild Lives.” By now our district churches have been made aware of our goal to raise $500,000 (pledged to be given over a three year period) for replacing aging kitchen equipment, purchasing a new church van, and paying down debt so that resources can directly support Rising Hope ministries. If you haven’t heard about the campaign, ask your pastor, lay leader, missions chairperson, or Rising Hope BFF. This is not a one-size-fits-all campaign, so be creative in how you and your church can support our district ministry to ‘the least, the lost, the lonely, and the left out.’

Where has God placed you? Please allow me a paragraph of personal privilege here. A few years ago (24, to be exact!) God placed a humble servant, Martha Flanagan, to be in service to the United Methodist Church, both at the local church and district levels. Martha, on behalf of the laity of the Alexandria District, please accept our heartfelt thanks for keeping us happy, informed, honest, up-to-date, on-task, and always able to find our DS!! As you officially begin the adventure called ‘Retirement,’ know that you have served well, you will definitely be missed, and God has blessed us richly! Thanks!

John Meeuwissen, Lay Leader

*Editor’s Note: To learn more about how the Alexandria District is celebrating Matrtha, please visit: http://www.novaumc.org/celebrate-the-increase