Last month, I shared some particulars from my report to the Alexandria District Conference and it was all very positive.  I began the article with a short paragraph that included the following sentences:

How about this “New Thing?”  Have you seen it?  Have you experienced it?  Are you willing to talk about it, or maybe, pray about it?  We are looking for your “New Thing” stories and experiences during our upcoming Charge Conferences – these are exciting times!

Well, let me give you an update on how exciting these times are.

As of this writing, we have only completed eight of our projected fifty-three Charge Conferences, and already can count “60+ new things” – that puts us on track to achieve over 400 for the district!!  We’ve heard such stories/things as:

  • Regular worship & bible study done by laity in a nearby nursing home
  • Greater emphasis and interaction to be a “community hub” for activities
  • Increasing the technological footprint in a historical church location
  • Partnering and mentoring with more local schools in the community
  • Engaging rental congregations to become involved in local ministries
  • Hosting Springfield Days to keep the tradition going in the community
  • Taking the church vigil from the sanctuary to the community park
  • Having a sponsored Boy Scout troop run the neighborhood ‘movie nights’

So, what’s the common theme throughout … “taking the church into the community!”  Any of our district churches are capable of doing this – you just have to focus on what makes sense in your setting.  I’ll keep adding to our list as our Charge Conferences continue and we hear about more “new things,” but I did want to share what’s happening already – these are exciting times!  Also, the thought occurs to me that Jesus was all about this community involvement.  He didn’t just teach and preach at the major temples and synagogues, but took the message to the people in their own communities.  Let’s do likewise.

God bless you in your many fruitful ministries … these are exciting times!



John Meeuwissen, Lay Leader