Bookmark this page for news and this page for resources for our Bi-District Clergy Peer Learning Groups program, which will begin again this September! Groups will form at our September 14 clergy meeting at Pender UMC in Fairfax.

cpl logoWhy Clergy Peer Learning Groups?

Being a pastor can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Those who remain joyful and effective over the long haul attest to the power of a community of peers. Community holds us up, challenges us to grow, keeps us anchored to Christ and helps us carry out our calling as a disciple of Christ and a leader in the church. Meeting with a group of peers will sustain and encourage you in ministry and will ultimately lead to vitality in your local church.

How Do Clergy Peer Learning Groups Work?

 All clergy should participate in a peer learning group.

  • Groups are usually include 5-8 participants.
  • Groups are encouraged to meet at least nine times per year.
    • Groups will meet at the end of the first Clergy Meeting on September 14 to plan future meeting dates and content.
    • Groups could also meet for breakfast before the three additional clergy meetings, and during or after the two Five Talent events.
  • Groups study diverse themes including leadership development, reaching the community, improving prayer life, self-care and many other topics.
  • Each group elects a convener to check in with Cynthia Lopynski, Bi-District Program Coordinator.


What might you study?

Below is a suggested reading plan based on the content of the Clergy Meetings.

In preparation for Clergy Meeting #2:

Moxley, “Leadership & Spirit”

Heifetz, “Leadership on the Line” or “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership”

Bridges, “Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change”

Rogers, “Diffusion of Innovation”

Nieuwhof, “Leading Change without Losing It”

Kotter, “Leading Change” or “Our Iceberg is Melting”

Standish, “Humble Leadership: Being Radically Open to God’s Guidance and Grace”

In preparation for Clergy Meeting #3:

 Goleman, “Emotional Intelligence or Primal Leadership”

Oswald, “Emotional Intelligence of Jesus”

Harvard Business Review, “10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence”

Farr, “The Necessary Nine”

Andrews, “The Noticer”

Steinke, “Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times”


 In preparation for Clergy Meeting #4:


Nieuwhof, “Lasting Impact”

Schnase, “Seven Levers”

Bass, “Grounded, ” or “Christianity After Religion”

Jones, “Facing Decline, Finding Hope “

Vickers, ”Minding the Good Ground”


Looking for other resources? Click here.


You might also consider field trips, webinars or videoconferencing


BONUS: Each time you read a book and attend the related clergy meeting you will receive .5 CEUs.