The Bi-District Clergy (Alexandria and Arlington pastors) have 3 or 4 meetings each year. Clergy are expected to attend these gatherings and also to be meeting regularly in their clergy peer learning groups.

2017-2018 Clergy Meetings:

April 12 – Sue Nilson Kibbey – Breakthrough Prayer    (Centreville UMC)
Every church recognizes prayer as important. But what happens when a congregation unites to pray collectively and consistently for God to break through in new and miraculous ways?  You can launch your congregation into the kind of church-wide breakthrough prayer initiative that fuels the atmosphere of possibility, and the entire focus begins to shift from inward to up-and-outward. It’s easier than you think–and the results will make spiritual history right in your own community and beyond. REGISTER

Clergy Meeting Schedule and Format

RSVP will be required for all clergy meetings in 2017-2018. Clergy will receive an email to their address once each RSVP form is open.

All clergy meetings will follow this same basic format:

  • 9:15 Time of Fellowship
  • 9:30 Worship
  • 10:30 Presentation
  • Lunch (All clergy peer learning groups are encouraged to stay for lunch and discuss the presentation, NLI groups will have Q & A time with presenter)

New this year: Laity sessions!

Each of our featured speakers will give an additional presentation the night of the clergy meeting specifically designed to empower and equip laity to be spiritually vital leaders. Be sure to get these dates on your church calendar and invite your key leaders!

  • 7 – 8:30 p.m. – Laity session

Reading List

Clergy are encouraged to be life-long learners. The District Staff compiled this list as a resource for personal reading or for study as a peer learning group. The books on this list primarily follow the theme for 2017-2018 which  is: Becoming a Spiritually Vital Leader

    • Humble Leadership — Graham Standish (*)
    • Anatomy of Peace — Arbinger Institute (*)
    • Leadership and Self Deception — Arbinger Institute (*)
    • Floodgates — Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church—Sue Nilson Kibbey (*)
    • Change the World — Mike Slaughter (**)
    • Passionate Church — Mike Slaugther (**)
    • What We Need Here — L. Roger Owens
    • God Unbound  — Elaine Heath
    • Soul Keeping — John Ortberg
    • The Intimate Merton — Thomas Merton
    • A Testament of Devotion — Thomas Kelly
    • Canoeing the Mountains — Tod Bolsinger
    • The Ideal Team Player — Patrick Lencioni
    • Smarter, Faster, Better — Charles Duhigg
    • Wonder, Love and Praise: Sharing a Vision of the Church — Committee on Faith and Order
    • Unity of the Church and Human Sexuality — GBHEM

Discipleship Resources Recommended by Bishop Lewis

  • Building A Discipleship Culture — Mike Breen
  • Membership to Discipleship — Phil Maynard
  • Disciples Making Disciples — Steve Manskar

*Read these in preparation for the Clergy Meetings and receive .5 CEUs ( 1.5 for all three)

** Read one of these and attend Bi-District Training Day and receive .5 CEUS


Notes/Resources from the September 20 Clergy Meeting:

September 20 – Graham Standish  – Becoming a Spiritually Vital Leader   (Dulin UMC)