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Monthly thoughts from the Arlington District Superintendent

Canoeing the Mountains: Facing Mortality

by Kim Johnson

By September 1, I will have made 30 visits to the doctor’s office or the hospital in 2017.  It’s not that I am particularly sick—and no, I do not have some kind of fatal disease.  It is just…I am 67 years old; and I am mortal.  Having been remarkably healthy my whole life, all of […]

Give me Jesus

by Kim Johnson

Everyone knows Bishop Cho’s main focus; his great passion in his four years as our leader was prayer. Why prayer? Because every great revival; every great movement of the Holy Spirit throughout history has begun with prayer. Prayer is the doorway to living a life alive in Christ. Prayer turns us from seeking our will […]

Monumental Decisions

by Kim Johnson

At our April Bi-District Clergy meeting, Tom Berlin energized the crowd with his update on the Way Forward Commission. Tom was uncharacteristically upbeat about the future of the denomination, saying that he has hope for the first time in a long time. The process that the Commission is going through fascinated me. They started by […]

Draw the Circle: Praying a Way Forward

by Kim Johnson

After reading Mark Batterson’s Draw the Circle,  the Bi-District staff felt compelled to get a bit creative in how we would “do our part” for the prayer challenge for “A Way Forward” this week.  We asked every church in the District to designate  one day during which they would pray for the Commission on a […]

The Sky Is the Limit

by Kim Johnson

“The sky is the limit … as long as we are Biblically and theologically sound,” Bishop Lewis told the assembled crowd at our Arlington Chew ‘n Chat on Feb. 18th. On Feb. 28th, Arlington County approved Central United Methodist Church’s innovative proposal to replace their existing building with an 8 story structure containing a new […]

Draw the Circle

by Kim Johnson

Mark Batterson believes in the power of prayer. Prayer has fueled the astonishing growth of National Community Church (NCC) here in the DC area. NCC started two decades ago as a new church plant and now has eight locations, successfully reaching emerging generations. These are folks we Methodists yearn to reach. A group of us […]

Taking the Challenge

by Kim Johnson

When the Bishop challenged us to read the whole Bible this year, my first thought was “Oh, no! I’m the sort of person who reads the Bible slowly & for depth! A challenge like this will take me three hours a day. I don’t have THAT much time!” But then I began thinking about Dietrich […]

Singing the Lord’s Song

by Kim Johnson

Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7, 10-14 I had an entirely different column planned.  But then came the election, and I set that column aside.  At the Floris UMC charge conference the day after the election, Tom Berlin told the crowd that he had seen one person going into their prayer chapel early Wed morning—joyous!  That person […]

Courageous Leadership

by Kim Johnson

This charge conference season I am blessed to travel to each of the fifty churches in the District, hearing how you are discerning God’s will for your congregation in this next season of your life together. I don’t know what has changed, but something is different about charge conferences this year. I have been inspired […]

Report of the Arlington District Superintendent

by admin

  Over the past three years, we have clarified the goal of the District: to “come alongside” local churches and pastors and help them become more fruitful and more vital.  We identified five levers for doing this: Encouraging clergy peer learning/coaching groups; Implementing processes to help churches go from “good to great;” Planting new faith […]