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Thoughts from Lay Leader John Meeuwissen

“Are You a Lifelong Learner and Influencer?”

by Kim Johnson

Last month I shared some of my reflections on Annual Conference and all the fuss centered on “this new thing.” I pointed out that we have a great start in the Alexandria District when it comes to doing “A New Thing.” I also focused on Bishop Lewis’ Episcopal Address and her run-up to unveiling our […]

What’s All This Fuss About “A New Thing”?

by Cynthia Lopynski

As we heard during our recent Annual Conference; and as we begin to prepare for our upcoming District Conference in late September and all of our local Charge Conferences this fall – all centered on the theme, ‘A New Thing’ – I have to ask, “What’s all this fuss about?”  Haven’t we been doing this […]

Can We Talk? – Seriously – Can We Talk?

by Kim Johnson

First of all, I need to share with you the context in which I’m writing this article – (1) it’s been a week since Easter Sunday; (2) we just celebrated with those district churches that had an increase in average worship attendance, professions of faith, or both; (3) Pam and I are off to the […]

By God’s Grace … and Thanks!

by Kim Johnson

God places us where He needs us. Where has God placed you? What has He given you to do? Who has He placed in your life to care for in His name? All that we are, all that we have, all that we are called to do is because of Him. We are His, His […]

Accept the Challenge – Rise Up – Rebuild Lives!

by Kim Johnson

Have you heard about “Accept the Challenge – Rise Up – Rebuild Lives?” It’s the catchy title for the Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church’s capital campaign, which is coming to your local church! Rising Hope’s capital campaign, which was unanimously approved at last October’s Alexandria District Conference, is focused on continuing the transformation of […]

“Chat & Chew Theology”

by Kim Johnson

We’ve all heard about Pub Theology – in fact, some of us may have experienced it – you know, that’s where we form a small group or have a bible study that just happens to be meeting at a non-church venue. So, what’s “Chat & Chew Theology?” At the end of January, some of us […]

“Looking Ahead”

by Kim Johnson

What will this new year bring us? None of us knows for sure, do we? Only the Lord knows what the future holds. Even so, we can be confident that the One who holds the future also holds us by the hand. There will be surprises, yes; some unexpectedly wonderful developments; and most likely, challenges, […]

TOP3 Things … Heard Around the District

by Kim Johnson

As we finish up our annual charge conferences around the Alexandria District, let me share my TOP3 things that I heard and sensed during these moments of Holy Conferencing. Many of our churches have a vibrancy and excitement in their midst. Most of our churches are “doing church” outside their walls … in the community. […]

Lay Leadership 101

by Kim Johnson

Recently, I was blessed to attend an outstanding conference and retreat on Ethical Leadership. One could say, “How appropriate a time for this kind of subject matter!” Or another might add, “Isn’t all leadership ethical?” I’ll stay away from the political implications and just share some thoughts that are applicable to any of our lay […]

Are You Ready for Some Change?

by admin

How do you feel about change?  Are you comfortable when it happens?  Do you feel upset when change is happening all around you?  And what about change in your local church?  Are you ready for it?  These are all tough things to address; but as the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said: “Change is the only […]