The purpose of the Board of Missions is primarily to fund and support new church starts in Northern Virginia. Additionally, the board supports volunteers in mission teams, Wesley Housing, college ministries and funds evangelism grants for existing churches.

Northern VA Board of Missions Bylaws (PDF)

Part of what the Northern VA Board of Missions does is evaluate grant requests from the Arlington and Alexandria Districts.

Requested Written Reports from Grant Recipients

One Time Grants (Evangelism/Fishing Expedition:

  • one follow-up report requested
  • approximately 6 months after the funds were used
  • Questions to answer:
    • how were the funds used?  (any changes from what was proposed in the grant?)
    • what was the impact of the event or mailing?
    • any lessons learned that would be helpful to other churches?

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission:

  • one follow-up report requested
  • approximately 1 month after the trip
  • Questions to answer:
    • how many people went on this trip?
    • was this the first mission trip for any group members?
    • how many different UMCs were represented in this group?  which UMCs?
    • what did you do?

New Faith Community:

  • reports requested throughout the 42 months the NOVA BOM disburses funds
  • a report is requested each time the BOM meets
  • pre-launch reports
    • introduce the vision for the NFC
    • brief report of planter activities and status of launch team
  • post-launch reports
    • attach EVC report of attendance, small groups, offering and POF
    • share a short anecdote of recent ministry activity or POF