Change in Traffic pattern to enter the Hampton Roads Convention Center

Due to the graduations at the Coliseum, traffic into the Convention Center parking lot will be impacted during this weekend’s Annual Conference in Hampton.

There will be traffic signs posted just before the corner of Coliseum and Pine Chapel Rd directing all UMC traffic to turn left at the light. There will be signs along Pine Chapel directing guests straight ahead and one directing them to turn into the G8 parking lot for Kit Collection. The traffic sign will remain for the duration of the conference directing UMC guests to turn left and enter the Convention Center Parking lot via Pine Chapel. There will also be parking lot attendants and several uniformed Police Officers directing traffic Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday.

Please share this information with all coming to Annual Conference this weekend.  Please also remind attendees and visitors to carpool to the Convention Center as much as possible to help with traffic congestion.

For more information about Annual Conference, please visit