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  • Draw the Circle: Praying a Way Forward After reading Mark Batterson’s Draw the Circle,  the Bi-District staff felt compelled to get a bit creative in how we would “do our part” for the prayer challenge for “A Way Forward” this week.  We asked every church in the District to designate  one day during which they would pray for the Commission on a ... Read More
  • Holy Week’s Perspective As we approach again our celebration of the most holy week in human history, we experience gratitude, humility, awe, wonder, reverence, penitence, adoration, conviction, encouragement, destitution, guilt, hope, and love. Our vocabulary reaches its limits as we seek to articulate the depths of how the divine grace engages our spirits. The hymn writer asks, “What language ... Read More
  • By God’s Grace … and Thanks! God places us where He needs us. Where has God placed you? What has He given you to do? Who has He placed in your life to care for in His name? All that we are, all that we have, all that we are called to do is because of Him. We are His, His children, His agents to ... Read More
  • Farewell, Martha Flanagan! After 12 years on the job, Alexandria District Secretary Martha Flanagan will retire at the end of April. Kim Johnson sat down with Martha to talk with her about her time on the job. Here are portions of that interview. Kim: How long have you worked for the District? Martha: I’ve worked for 12 years for the ... Read More
  • Confirmation is Coming! Ministry Spotlight: Confirmation is Coming! As we approach Pentecost, many of our churches are preparing for Confirmation. Cathy Abbott received the following note of excitement about the upcoming confirmation at Great Falls UMC.  On June 4 – Pentecost Sunday, nine Confirmands will affirm their Christian faith and become full members of Great Falls United Methodist Church. This is an ... Read More
  • Rising Hope: May Food Drive Saturday, May 13, 2017, is the 25th National Association of Letter Carriers food drive to stamp out hunger … one bag at a time. Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church participates in this national endeavor receiving food the Post Office Letter Carriers pick up from the door steps where the mail is delivered. This is ... Read More
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