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  • Meet Michelle Holmes Chaney Reverend Doctor Michelle Holmes Chaney joins the Arlington District Staff as the Church Development Coordinator beginning March 15, 2018. She will be working for Arlington part time while also continuing as one of the pastors at Centreville UMC. A native of New York City, Dr. Chaney received her Bachelors from Virginia Tech, a Masters of Divinity ... Read More
  • Hold These Truths On Saturday, I went to see Arena Stage’s production of “Hold These Truths.” Based on the true story of Gordon Hirbayashi, the play exposes how his idealistic belief in the Constitution’s protections for American citizens was buffeted and tested by our treatment of persons of Japanese descent during World War II. Even though we were ... Read More
  • Servant Leaders and Lay Servant Ministries Have you talked about Servanthood and Servant Leadership in your church?  I have been in many conversations about being a Servant of Jesus Christ with a lot of my friends.  To help me understand and explain to others I pulled together some information which I would like to share with you.  I also want to ... Read More
  • Virginia Conference Historical Society to Host SEJ Historical Society Annual Meeting When planning this summer’s vacation, set aside July 17-20, 2018 for the Southeastern Jurisdiction Historical Society Annual Meeting, held in Williamsburg, Virginia. The conference, whose theme is Religious Liberty in the Historic Advance of Virginia Methodism, will be hosted by the Virginia Conference Historical Society (VCHS). Everyone is invited. Attendees will experience an outstanding agenda of ... Read More
  • Praying for Deepened Compassion Today Rev. Janet Salbert (Grace UMC) recently completed the Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program. She offers her final paper, based upon Transforming Trauma, “in order to help others continue to be concerned when violence is unleashed, even in the face of  our compassion fatigue because of its prevalence.” She begins: After the violence in Ferguson, and then, Baltimore in 2015, the conflict and ... Read More
  • Head to the Rally to End Racism A once in a lifetime chance… April 3 and 4, 2018 The National Council of Churches Rally to End Racism We are sending a group to this Rally immediately after Easter. Here’s why: In South Africa after apartheid, and in dozens of other places since, the victims and perpetrators of race-based crime and discrimination were given a chance ... Read More
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