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  • Canoeing the Mountains: Facing Mortality By September 1, I will have made 30 visits to the doctor’s office or the hospital in 2017.  It’s not that I am particularly sick—and no, I do not have some kind of fatal disease.  It is just…I am 67 years old; and I am mortal.  Having been remarkably healthy my whole life, all of ... Read More
  • “Are You a Lifelong Learner and Influencer?” Last month I shared some of my reflections on Annual Conference and all the fuss centered on “this new thing.” I pointed out that we have a great start in the Alexandria District when it comes to doing “A New Thing.” I also focused on Bishop Lewis’ Episcopal Address and her run-up to unveiling our ... Read More
  • Charlottesville and the Church’s Mission As I reflect on the terrible events that happened in Charlottesville this past weekend, it has led me to consider how those events impact the Church’s mission, particularly as we consider our place as a neighboring community to Charlottesville and our witness as United Methodists in the Alexandria District. First, it is good to have clarity ... Read More
  • Celebrate the Stories I have been visiting one-on-one with most of the clergy in our district this summer and hearing some wonderful, amazing stories. They are stories of lives being healed, transformed, converted, saved. I have also been reading a book called A New Day in the City (Abingdon, 2017, pp. 58-59), where I came across the following ... Read More
  • Welcome New Clergy Please help us welcome new clergy to the Alexandria and Arlington Districts. As of July 24 churches received new pastors or associates. Some are homegrown, some have come from other states, and several are starting their very first appointments. Learn more about them below. New Alexandria District Clergy New Alexandria Clergy Benson McGlone, Gainesville UMC – Bristow Church (or ... Read More
  • Day to Serve 2017 Day to Serve 2017 Clergy and Leadership Council Partnership in Fairfax County Thanks to the partnership between the Fairfax County Clergy and Leadership Council and Day to Serve, houses of worship are joining together in unified service. This year, you’re invited to join neighborhood churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and other religious institutions to serve those in need ... Read More
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